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Welcome Nurse Aria Nicole As GuysGoneGyno Launches!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Wed, 20 April 2022

Hello to all my Doctors, Nurses, and patients!

I hope you are well and had a happy 420 if you celebrate! I wanted to let you know the exciting news that has been taking place around our clinic recently!

My GuysGoneGyno April Fools Joke Is FINALLY Over!

After 6 months of teasing, GuysGoneGyno didn’t launch on April 1st as promised. It became clear to many it was an elaborate April fools joke. 

But the joke was far from over on April 2nd! I kept teasing GuysGoneGyno for the next 3 weeks and on 4/20 without warning or fanfare, GuysGoneGyno quietly launched on!

Those who paid attention to my Instagram may have picked up on the hints I kept dropping after April 1st, but even if you didn’t, GuysGoneGyno is real and is now live on BuyMyMovies! And with enough support from those who wanted to see male patients, GuysGoneGyno could become a standalone streaming clinic just like CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, and GirlsGoneGyno!

The future of GuysGoneGyno is now in your gloved hands!

500 Staff Members By May 31 =
50 Bonus Releases + 5th Weekly Release!

In the March staff newsletter, I teased additional bonus releases for hitting 500 staff members by the end of April. Then I got busy with projects and didn’t have time to adequately spell out what I meant. So take 2!

There are currently 399 staff members as of this email. If we hit 500 staff members anytime before May 31st, I will release 50 bonus movie segments on June 1st to in addition to a 5th weekly release on all 3 kinky clinics!

I’m trying to get all 3 kinky clinics to have the same amount of movie segments by doing bonus releases every time we hit another staff membership threshold!

Current releases as of 4/20:

CaptiveClinic - 429 movie segments

Doctor-Tampa - 318 movie segments

GirlsGoneGyno - 447 movie segments

Welcome Nurse Aria Nicole To The Clinic!

I recently met someone with a HUGE medical fetish, she even wants to become a gynecologist! So who better to hire to become a patient, nurse, and doctor in our clinic?!

I’m very happy to welcome the gorgeous and very kinky Aria Nicole to our clinic’s team! Aria is an EXCLUSIVE model you can only see on my websites and her Fansly:

Aria is available for customs as a patient, nurse, and doctor role for GirlsGoneGyno, CaptiveClinic, and GuysGoneGyno style scenes!

BuyMyMovies Release Have Caught Up

It's been hard to keep up with releasing a whole movie EVERY day on, but I’m happy to report as of this email BMM releases are FULLY caught up and now ahead since all GuysGoneGyno movies are ready to cum out!

So if you were anticipating a movie that didn’t release, it's now there for you to enjoy!

The only thing remaining unfinished is movie thumbnails, movie descriptions, keywords, and 1-minute previews for about 30 of the latest movie releases on BMM. Look for those missing descriptions/tags in the next week.


Do you like to Beat 2 Feet???

I am about a month behind on returning emails that weren’t urgent technical issues. I should finally have time to start replying in the next few days so thank you for your patients.

Thank you all for your continued support of my kinky clinics as the journey to build the ultimate studio, AKA The MedFet Mecca, continues! Look for an updated open letter to all medfet fans sometime in May :)

-Doctor Tampa