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400 Staff Members By Ball Drop = 60 Bonus Releases January 1st!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Thu, 23 December 2021

Happy almost Christmas eve to all!

Thank you to those who reached out with kind words after my last newsletter. Since then the model has fully recovered, has been released from the hospital and made it back home safe. She said she came to play doctor, not see real doctors so I think it's safe to say she took it in stride! She even said she’s excited to come back and play doctor again in 2022!

Unfortunately for my leaky home, there's now a hole in the wall and the leak remains a mystery other than its coming from the kitchen. So fingers crossed they can find the leak next week!

BIG THANK YOU to all who helped take staff member numbers from 340 to 361 in just a few days! That leaves us just 39 staff members short of reaching 400 and unlocking a 4th weekly release on CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, and GirlsGoneGyno!

Bonus For Hitting 400 Staff Members By The Ball Drop

So I’ve got something special up my lab coat sleeves if we can hit 400 staff members before the end of the year. If we hit 400 staff members before the ball drops, I will release 60 additional movie segments on Doctor-Tampa all at once!

This would bring Doctor-Tampa to having the same amount of movies as CaptiveClinic and GirlsGoneGyno. It would also mean there's no older content for Doctor-Tampa and everything released in 2022 would have been made in mid 2020 and 2021!

Hitting 400 is the next important step in growth on top of the 4th weekly release for all 3 websites! Continuing to grow the staff of my websites is very important as I still want to break ground on a new studio in 2022. That means having the staff members in place to ensure I can fund this expansion into a 10,000 sq ft studio with tons of medical sets such as waiting room, surgical theatre, padded rooms, dental exam rooms, hospital rooms, ER rooms, and many more medical sets!

The new studio will also have supporting sets such as a classroom, court room, bar, jail, strip club, police interrogation room, multiple jail cells and so much more! This will help to better tell the stories you enjoy with even more depth to the production. The new studio will also be where I expand into male patient movies as well as allow loyal staff members to be on set watching or participating in production.

Doctor-Tampa Discount Ends January 1, 2022: has been on sale since its launch and now is the time to lock in the $19.99/month or $120 for 7 months discounted price! You will remain locked in at that price until you cancel your membership. January 1st will become $29.95/month or $120 for 6 months.

I may also use this as the time I raise the multi pass price by $10 but have not made a final decision on raising the multi pass price quite yet.

ALL Memberships Count!

All active memberships count regardless of if it's discounted or cancelled. As long as you can login, your membership is counted in the 361 staff members! PayPal, Crypto, Venmo, CashApp staff members are also included in that total.

Multipass members count a 1 staff member, but if you sign up for individual accounts for each website, EACH of those accounts is counted as 1 staff member. So if you hold separate CC, DT, and GGG logins you count as 3 staff members. Hope that clarifies some of the questions I’ve been asked about how the total is calculated.

Hitting 400 members by the end of 2021 would be the best XXXmas present a kinky doctor could have! So help me get the present I really want and I’ll give you a present I’m sure you really want, 30 hours of brand new Doctor-Tampa movies released all on the same day and a 4th weekly release on all 3 websites!

Thank you so much for all of your support, no matter how BIG or small! Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

-Doctor Tampa

60 Extra Doctor-Tampa Releases, 30 Hours of New Movies!

Sold For Science - Taylor Ortega - 11 Parts

Locking Up A Broad - Naomi Alice - 1 Part

Raya Nguyen's Yearly Physical - 2 Parts

Daddys Little Princess - Vasha Valentine - 2 Parts

The Doctors Olympic Failure - Ava Siren - 2 Parts

The New Immigration Policy - Kristen Martinez - 4 Parts

Saving Super Mina - Little Mina - 1 Part

Tampa University - Sunny Valentine - 4 Parts

Ava Sirens 1st Gyno Exam - Ava Siren - 2 Parts

A Journey Into The Mind - Sunny Valentine - 3 Parts

Corporate Slaves - Ava Siren - 7 Parts

Human Guinea Pigs - Maria Santos - 2 Parts

Don't Take Rides From Strangers - Kalani Luana - 4 Parts

Don't Take Rides From Strangers - Sunny & Vasha Valentine - 3 Parts

Strangers In The Night - Stefania Mafra - 4 Parts

The New Immigration Policy: South Korean Edition - Mina Moon - 7 Parts

TSAyyyy What Are You Doing To Sunny Valentine? - 1 Part