Loyal members of the Tampa University medical staff such as yourself have helped Doctor Tampa grow his clinical operations over the past year. But our facilities are in need of a massive expansion to continue to improve how we are able to treat patients. Retaining all quality staff members is his highest priority!

So for all of the staff who remains committed to our patients long term treatment, Doctor Tampa is rolling out a benefits package of paid time off (free days).


-After one year of being staff, you will another 30 days of paid time off (free days added to your membership).

-Upon completing 2 years as part of our staff, you will receive 60 days paid time off (free days added to your membership), each and every year.


To claim your paid time off (free days), you must have remained a staff member continually with no lapses in your employment. Just email our HR department from your email address associated with your staff ID and the specified amount of time you have been a staff member to claim your paid time off. support@girlsgonegyno.com


There is no catch other than to retain you on our staff roster and create the largest kinky medical hospital in the world!