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So You’ve Decided You Want To Direct A Movie?

Well, my kinky friend, you’ve cum to the right studio if you want to direct a custom movie! My studio may not be one of the major LA back lots, but I’m glad you have chosen to become part of my productions!

Please read over the information below. It should answer any questions you may have, including helping to estimate your production costs. Word by word scripts do not work best. Scripts should be overall concepts with key actions. If you have a question not answered here, email our studio directly at

When emailing your script, please be prepared to place a $100 deposit using Crypto/CashApp/PayPal/Venmo upon your concept being approved. Director deposits are non-refundable unless the model cancels, and the movie is shelved. The reason for a deposit is to ensure you meaningfully want to direct films and not just eat all the food from craft services!

Keep in mind there is a lot that goes into the production of any video, custom or not. With directing your own movie, there are many production costs involved. Number 1 is paying the actress. Number 2 to 40 is paying our landlord, paying the electric company (so we have lights, cameras, and action!), we have to communicate with you about your script, finding out your ideas/vision, casting the actress, ensuring the actress agrees with your creative genius, bring the actress in, re-book her flight because she’s a diva and will almost always miss the first flight, build sets, buy cameras, stock the sets (we need TONS of gloves), buy newer 4k cameras, film the movie, clean the sets, recharge cameras/toys, sterilize medical instruments, get the actress back home safely, download scenes from the cameras, send you movie off to post-production for editing and mastering, and finally upload the video so our director can see their genius at work!

Since this may be your first time directing, please understand a 15-minute movie is not as simple as 15 minutes of work. There are 10-20 minutes of production-related work for every minute of production, so we only talk to serious directors.

Terms & Conditions:

-Production costs will skyrocket if your script is ever-changing.

-Directing your own custom clip does not grant you any right to sell or redistribute the movie you directed in any fashion/format. You are a director, and as such, your movie is still the product of our studio. Your movie will be watermarked unless otherwise noted. Of course, you will be given director credit in the closing scene of your movie. Hope you’ve got a good name picked out!

-All movies you have directed will eventually end up being released by our studio unless. Like any other BIG blockbuster, it won’t come out the next day. You will be able to personally screen it long before the general public can get their tickets to the show. Expect to see it released within a few months of delivery to you.

-Everything production is done with the permission of the actress. They have the final say in everything they do, and while some of our studio’s movies depict force being used, they are actresses, and it’s just acting. Everything is done with the actress’s prior consent and knowledge of what to expect.

-Set Options: Exam Room A, Exam Room B, Exam Room C, School Room

CLICK HERE To See Pictures Of Sets

CLICK HERE To See Pictures Of Models Currently Available

-Scenes include any regular examinations you see in our productions. ENT exams, stething, exercises, breast exams, abdominal exams, pelvic exams, pelvic probing/sizing, 1 finger vaginal exams, oral/vaginal temperature, podiatry exams, dental exams, body measurement exams, e-stim/electrical play (varies by model), strip searches, cavity searches, douching, external cleaning scenes (shower), urine specimen collection, simulated surgical procedures, interrogation scenes, spankings/inner thigh-slapping/face slapping (varies by models). That about sums it up, but there may be things missed on that list!

-As the director, you can choose from any of the toys and instruments that are available in our production studio. We don’t set a limit on your creative expression but I won’t cram every toy and instrument into a 15-minute custom! Please see the pictures, and a list of toys/instruments is available.

-Directing cums at a price, and scenes do not include sex, B.J.’s, girl/girl, enemas, anal exams, catheters, urethral sounds, cervical sounds, or scalpels unless our actresses are compensated properly.


Please keep in mind models typically charge $20/minute for solo videos through their own platforms. Our studio's pricing is not much above a model's typical custom cost.

Custom-directed fetish videos with 1 medical staff and 1 patient filmed from P.O.V. only or 1 patient and 1 camera person only:

15 minutes = $450

30 minutes = $725

45 minutes = $900

60 minutes = $1100

$18/minute after 60 minutes.

Custom-directed fetish videos with 1 medical staff and 1 patient filmed from 3 Fixed Camera Positions, Edited:

15 minutes = $500

30 minutes = $800

45 minutes = $1000

60 minutes = $1200

$20/minute after 60 minutes.

Add ons:

Sex/BJ/HJ or Girl/Girl Scenes: $250 every 15 minutes

Additional Nude Patients: $125 every 15 minutes

Additional Non-Nude Medical Staff: $75 every 15 minutes

Additional Fixed Camera Angle: $50 every 15 minutes

Anal Examinations/Enema: $150-$250 (depending on model)

Catheters/Urethral Sounds: $150-$250 (depending on model)

Camera Man: $100 every 30 minutes, 30-minute minimum

Keep The Patients Panties & Gown: $75 (include S/H in the U.S.)

Keep The Speculum (Non-Surgical Plastic & Metal): $75 (include S/H in the U.S.)

Keep The Toys: $100-$250 each

Every Camera Angles 4k Unedited Footage, Watermarked: $450 for every 15 minutes

Every Camera Angles 4k Unedited Footage, No Watermark: $900 for every 15 minutes

Changing Your Script Every Time We Talk: $100

Seeing the Movie You Directed Released To The World: Priceless

If you are still interested in becoming a director, please email with your detailed ideas. We can firm up your contract of services and get you directing your dream movie ASAP!