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Amazing staff members sent links to movies pirated on tube/torrent sites.
They asked if Doctor Tampa had posted them. He had not.

So he took control of these pirated movies and now posts advertisement videos to attract
new staff members! This also generated enough revenue to buy a few cases of gloves!

Other sites pirate our videos and don’t pay royalties while making money from ads
surrounding our pirated videos. Some even charge to watch our pirated movies!

If you find pirated movies, please report them to
You may find yourself getting rewarded for your work!

How do I know if it’s a pirated copy?

The poster’s username should be CaptiveClinic/Doctor-Tampa/GirlsGoneGyno.

Additionally, any platform we’ve officially posted to is on the Links page.

Why is reporting piracy so important?

In an already competitive business, you can’t compete against free.
Piracy and bullying are why models quit after only a few months.
It's also why new productions are gone after 6 movies.

We all work hard to do a job to pay our bills. Sex workers are no different.
Most models are here because of their passion for kink, sex, and to entertain.
Being a sex worker is mentally draining, and the pay isn’t what people think.

Most models and pornstars have day jobs to help pay the bills. Piracy is to blame.
If someone offered what you do for a living for free, how would you pay your bills?
By getting a different job since working for free isn't an option!

If you love a production company or artist, please support them however you can.
If you don’t, they will get frustrated and quit. It takes a lot of time and money to
set up, film, edit, post, market, interact and manage platforms. Averaged out,
most models are lucky to make minimum wage their 1st year for all that time.

Being a sex worker is mentally taxing on many levels.
Sex workers are under constant attack from:
- Our very own platforms (Ex. OnlyFans)
- Social Media Companies
- Credit Card Companies
- Pimps/Agencies
- Governments
- Stalkers

Sometimes it even comes from producers and other models!

Some people bully sex workers on social media:
Maybe they have their own insecurities and shortcomings.
Maybe they have religious vendettas against sex workers.
Maybe they want someone to take their bad day out on.
Maybe they think it’s wrong we charge for porn.

Please stand up to bullies on social media if you see this abusive behavior.
Bullying has led to many performers suicides over the past decade.
Whatever the BS excuse, it's wrong and not acceptable.

And if you enjoy a small artist, support them or risk losing them forever!

Why report piracy to Doctor Tampa?

Doctor Tampa worked a day job during the first 11 years of his medfet porn career.
Making medfet movies was a weekend hobby. Doctor Tampa only cared about making
movies, not money. But November 1, 2019, he resigned from his job of 17 years to see if
dedicating himself to becoming your online play doctor full time was a viable career.

Medfet is now his sole income. Join now if you enjoy his unique medfet movies and want
more weekly updates! Doctor Tampa never wants to close his clinic's doors! 
With your
help, he'll continue to bring you innovative medfet videos with exclusive patients!

Doctor Tampa uses staff member dues to upgrade equipment and sets! His clinics have
grown from 1 to 3 exam rooms for 6 total sets! He plans to
 build an ultimate 10,000 sqft
medfet studio
Loyal staff members” will have a chance to visit this studio!

He's launched BuyMyMoviesCaptiveClinic and Doctor-Tampa while hiring new staff and
purchasing real working new equipment! In 2022, he'll launch BlastABitch, TrulyAFan,
HitachiHoes, and SuckThePolice to help fund Doctor Tampa's medical fetish!

Please consider helping what’s hopefully your favorite medfet adult site succeed by
subscribing and reporting piracy! We’ve come a long way since launching the 1st
membership site, 
GirlsGoneGyno, just over 3 years ago! Doctor Tampa wants
to thank EVERYONE who has signed up, even if it was just for a month! 

BIG THANK YOU to all staff members!
Without your support, we would be scrub less and gloveless doctors!


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