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What's CaptiveClinic?

NOT a cheesy BIG PORN website. CaptiveClinic is by medical fetishists, for medical
fetishists, and full of the best medical torment consensually filmed, even if it appears otherwise!

Doctor Tampa's staff is dedicated to the voyeurism of hot vulnerable girls undergoing
examination and experimentation in a unique BDSM-influenced clinical setting with
medical knowledge and equipment that perfectly blend realism and fetishism!

So enjoy Doctor Tampa’s unique BDSM-influenced style of MedFet as you treat beautiful
patients who signed their consent forms or were committed by loved ones.

Often based on actual events, our imaginative series immerses you in the mistreatments!
Each girl has a unique story you can read before watching it unfold...

Maybe she was committed? Or was it arrested? That's right, naive enough to volunteer!
Now naked, strapped down, and spread eagle, she’s at the mercy of our gloved nurses!

Doctor Tampa will soon begin the surgical procedures planned for the new guinea pig...
She’d not have signed a thing had she known what Doctor Tampa had planned!

With HD cameras wired into our facility, our human guinea pig's loss of privacy is your gain! 
Enjoy our patient's pain and humiliation while undergoing examination, experimentation, and interrogation!

Doctor Tampa began making medfet movies after being disappointed by other internet clinics.
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Read his master medical fetish plan in "Doctor Tampa's Open Letter To Fans."

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