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But what exactly does this mean? As more of you join and stay subscribed, new weekly releases INCREASE! Since launching in 2018, has released 2 new 30-minute movies per week without fail. has done the same since launching in 2019. When launched in 2021 staff membership was over 300 and all 3 sites enjoy 3 new 30-minute movies each week! 

In January 2022 we reached over 400 staff members and everyone began enjoying 4 weekly releases on each website! Then launched July 4th, 2022 with 4 new weekly releases as well as the 1st site to post movies in 1 whole segment! Doctor Tampa was going to move all websites to these 1-hour segments, but unfortunately, the good times didn't last forever.

By the end of August 2022, membership dropped under 400 where it's stayed into 2023. As Doctor Tampa asked many of you what happened, it became clear many were having to cut back due to inflation as well as the looming recession. After nearly 2 months of staying under 400 staff members, he decided to roll new releases back to 3 per site per week, except which would only get 2 each week, granted they are 1-hour segments. Still, for multipass members that's over 6 hours of new movies per week!

The bad news got worse as production costs had skyrocketed to three times the cost of previous years by adding more releases to more websites, making movies with more medical staff, making multi-patient movies, hiring a cameraman and video editor, hiring a production assistant, higher travel costs for models, higher pay for models, higher medical supplies cost, higher hosting costs with all the additional movies, higher food costs for models, higher electrical costs, basically higher everything. So after doing some complicated math, Doctor Tampa figured out 600 staff members would be needed to return to 4 releases per site per week. As of March 2023 staff membership has stayed in the 350-380 range since August 2022.

If membership drops under 300, there could be an additional rollback of new releases but from August 2022 to March 2023 staff membership has held steady in the 350-380's. Hopefully, our staff member numbers can begin to grow again in 2023 and we can reach over 600 staff members by summer if people like you JOIN NOW and stay subscribed!

Once we reach 600 staff members and each site resumes 4 weekly releases, Doctor Tampa will begin looking at changing movie segments from 30-minutes to 1-hour. So every website every week would have 2x 1-hour movie segments released instead of 4x 30-minute movie segments each week. That would have been hard to do with 3 weekly releases, which is why Doctor Tampa put 1-hour segments on hold. Also without higher membership, cannot be added to the multipass membership.

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2018 had 44x new ~30-minute releases
2019 had 217x new ~30-minute releases.
2020 had 270x new ~30-minute releases.
2021 had 413x new ~30-minute releases.
2022 originally had 468x new ~30-minute releases scheduled.

2022 could have had 818x new releases if we kept 400 staff all year.

Still, 723x new ~30-minute releases came out in 2022!
That's nearly 400 hours of new movies for multipass members!

2023 will have 572x new ~30-minute releases if we stay above 300 & under 600.
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A Kinky Dream Turned Into A Kinky Reality
Read "Doctor Tampa's Updated Open Letter To Fans"

Doctor Tampa long dreamed of spending his life building a medfet community while creating his vision of medfet movies for our underserved niche. After 13 years of playing doctor on the weekend, he quit his job of 17 years to pursue his dream! 

November 1, 2019, Doctor Tampa became your dedicated play doctor to entertain you with his unique brand of medfet. It was a massive risk walking away from that kind of job security. Many called it a crazy dream, but they didn't know about you like-minded individuals who enjoy his unique kinky medfet art!

In December 2019, Doctor Tampa released an open letter explaining the future vision of his unique MedFet style, asking for your support to pursue this dream. He needed to reach 200 staff members just to pay bills and see this move as potentially sustainable. He didn't want to return to his old job and had bigger plans than just sustaining! After asking for your support, our staff expanded to 200 and hovered there.

In March 2021, Doctor Tampa once again asked for the support of dormant staff members; If we reach 2020's goal of 300 staff, a 3rd movie would be released weekly on BOTH websites! Your tremendous outpouring of support raised staff to 250 in 3 weeks. So Doctor Tampa met you beautiful people halfway with a bi-weekly BONUS release!

On June 3, 2021, 300 staff members made a 3rd weekly release a reality! Since then, we struggled to reach 400, peaking at 396 in October before dipping as low as 334. At the end of 2022, Doctor Tampa once again asked for your support, and on January 7, 2022, we passed the 400 staff mark giving you a 4th weekly release!

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A BIG THANK YOU to all of you!

On March 31, 2021, we had 200 staff members. On April 21, 2021, 250 staff members unlocked a 3rd bi-weekly bonus release! On June 3, 2021, 300 staff members made that 3rd release happen weekly! On January 7, 2022, 400 staff rang in the new year with 60 bonus movies released on January 9th on top of a 4th weekly release! Thank you to you amazing people, even if you joined for a single month! You made everything you see before you a reality! Words cannot express how much Doctor Tampa appreciates any level of support! Thank you for giving this humble doctor this amazing opportunity to entertain you!

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